The Aqualizer® Ultra

Aqualizer® Ultra

The Aqualizer® Ultra is a new improved version of the Aqualizer® designed to be more comfortable to the gums than previous models. This is our best seller and will fit most adult patients’ mouths. The Ultra comes in three vertical openings (thicknesses): 2mm (low), 3-4mm, (med), and 5-6mm (high).

The Aqualizer® Mini

Aqualizer® Mini

The Aqualizer® Mini is the new improved ultra shape with smaller pads and arch size. It is used for kids and adults with small mouths. The Mini comes in three vertical openings (thicknesses): 1mm (low), 2mm, (med), and 3mm (high).

What makes the Aqualizer®’s dental splints the best choice for malocclusion and TMJ pain relief?


The Aqualizer®’s revolutionary water system makes it different from any other product on the market designed to treat malocclusion. While most dental splints simply disable the bite long term and guess at optimal occlusion, the Aqualizer® takes the guesswork out of treatment by allowing the body to naturally find TMJ pain relief and functional balance.

The Aqualizer® applies a physical law of nature called Pascal’s Law, meaning that when you bite down on the Aqualizer®, the fluid is evenly distributed across the entire bite. Aqualizer® dental splints offer no opinion, enabling the body to naturally balance itself and function on its own.

Our bodies seek functional balance – with Aqualizer® dental splints, it is found instantly

The Aqualizer® is the most accurate and effective differential diagnostic tool available. The Aqualizer® allows the body to find instant functional balance by unraveling the malocclusion it is locked in, making The Aqualizer® an invaluable tool to anyone who is suffering from the effects of TMD. The Aqualizer® obtains a perfect bite on the first try – dental splints made from this bite are immensely effective, predictable, and require remarkably few adjustments, saving valuable chair time. Dental professionals may use the Aqualizer®‘s water system in conjunction with articulation paper or the Tekscan T-Scan® to diagnose bruxism-related facial pain, while other medical professionals use it to treat migraine headaches and chronic neck and shoulder pain.

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Why the Aqualizer®?

The Aqualizer®’s unique water system:

Greater effectiveness for:

More than one million patients have experienced the rapid pain relief that the Aqualizer® provides. Health professionals from dentists to chiropractors safely recommend Aqualizer® dental splints to anyone suffering from head, neck, or shoulder pain. The Aqualizer® will effectively relieve pain that is a result of malocclusion. Contact us for more information on the Aqualizer®.

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