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The Aqualizer® – Dental Splints for TMJ Pain Relief and TMJ Treatment

The Aqualizer® differs from other dental splints in that it offers a TMJ pain relief treatment option which enables the body to naturally achieve balance. Its unprecedented water system distinguishes it from other devices by relieving pressure on the TMJ area evenly.

About the Aqualizer® - Dental Splints for Malocclusion and TMJ Relief

Sufferers of malocclusion and TMJ disorders can find relief with our Aqualizer® dental splints. Our unique system is available in two different varieties: Aqualizer® Ultra and Aqualizer® Mini.

Dental Professionals: TMD Treatment and Dental Equilibration with the Aqualizer®

TMD treatment and dental equilibration can be achieved efficiently and effectively with the Aqualizer®’s revolutionary fluid system. Incorporate the Aqualizer® devices into your dentistry treatment to simplify TMD diagnosis.

How to Use the Aqualizer® Bite Splint to Treat Bruxism and Facial Jaw Pain

Bruxism can result in facial jaw pain unless treated with a bite splint. The Aqualizer® bite splint uses a unique water system new to dentistry to restore balance to bite and body.

Patients seeking chronic neck and shoulder pain relief or migraine headache relief can align their whole body by restoring balance to their bite with Aqualizer® dental splints.

Patients: Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Splints and Treating Headaches

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders cause pain and headaches which can be easily diagnosed and treated with Aqualizer®’s TMJ stress-relieving splints. Aqualizer® splints come in two variations: Aqualizer® Mini and Aqualizer® Ultra.

More Patient Information: Using Devices to Treat TMJ Ear and Jaw Pain

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders cause ear, jaw, and head pain which can be relieved with devices. The Aqualizer® bite splint is unique and represents a significant advance in dentistry because it works with your body instead of against it, setting your jaw in balance naturally.

FAQs: What is TMJ, Causes of TMJ, Symptoms, and the Aqualizer®

The Aqualizer® is a mouthguard which treats TMJ disorder symptoms. Learn more about what TMJ is, and the causes of TMJ disorders.

Contact Aqualizer® for TMJ Disorder Treatment and Pain Relief

Our advanced TMJ disorder relief treatment, the Aqualizer®, uses a revolutionary water system to restore balance to the bite naturally. Ask your dentist about the Aqualizer® device or contact us for additional information.

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